Overstock.com got it wrong

The Mythological Paradigm regarding Orgasm.

Myth: All woman, given enough of the “right kind” of attention, will orgasm.
Fact: Not all women are capable of orgasm regardless of how much attention is paid to any area of their anatomy.

Myth: If a woman does not orgasm, she did not have a good time.
Fact: This is complete nonsense. I have news for the believers of this particular bit of hogwash; If the woman in question does not orgasm easily (or at all) she is used to having a grand time without it. You may not be able to do much, if anything, about her orgasm. You can make sure she enjoys herself.

Myth: She’ll orgasm just fine once she’s with me.
Fact: She’s heard that before. Several times. At least. You pushing her and getting frustrated when it doesn’t happen will only make things worse. Go ahead. Give it the college try but when it doesn’t happen, move on. It’s not you (most of the time), it’s her. She would love to, if she were able, believe me. It’s fun. It feels good. Who wouldn’t want to? She wants to at least as badly as you want her to.

I’m sure there are others but these are the few I hear most often. Men really need to let this go. I know that if a man is worth his salt he will want her to orgasm before he does. That is appreciated. It really is. However, if she tells you to let it go, then let it go. Trying “harder” will not improve things. It will make her feel defective. It will make her feel like you aren’t listening to her. Make the choice to love her. To help her feel like she is good enough. To show her it doesn’t matter. To leave her glowing.

It is not all about the O. Seriously. It’s not.


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