The Sounds of Silence

Author’s note: By design, the journal entries here will always be, at minimum, a day or two behind when my One receives them. This will occasionally be disconcerting for you, Dear Reader, as the days of the week mentioned (as you see below) will not align with your calendar.

I will more than likely not have a journal entry until Monday night. I am going through something extremely difficult with which I am not yet ready to burden you. I know you would happily carry it with me but, given my profound love for you, and because it is not something you must do, I am opting out on your behalf.

I am journaling about the experience but not posting. I know you will ask questions when I break my silence and I want to have answers for you. For this reason I write without posting. I will post my writing in its entirety when things are more defined, one way or the other.

I anticipate having at least some resolution late Monday afternoon. I will write Monday night. You will either receive an extremely long journal entry or a request to call me Tuesday. The content will depend entirely on what transpires during the day Monday.

I recognize this is all rather cryptic. I do apologize for that. I’m certain this entry will give you pause and possibly cause concern. I apologize for that also. I can tell you that You and I are still You and I, and will be for the rest of our lives if it’s up to me. My relationship with DH remains unchanged. LM is well. I will offer nothing more in the way of causality at this time but I wanted to offer you as much comfort as I could.


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