Word of the Week Wednesday

mendacious (men-ˈdā-shəs) adj.:
1. likely to give false information or tell lies; 2. untrue, false, or intentionally misleading

Synonyms: spurious, lying, dishonest, false, fallacious, duplicitous, deceitful, deceptive
Antonyms: truthful, honest

Tips: The noun form of mendacious is mendacity, which can refer to either misrepresentation, deceitfulness, or an outright lie. For a funny memory trick, note how mendacious looks like “men” and “audacious” combined. Now think of an angry woman who has given up on men because they are audacious (bold) and have the audacity to lie when they cheat. She became so mad at these audacious men who had the audacity to lie when they cheated, she invented the word mendacious to describe these audacious and lying men.

Usage Examples:

His mendacity is astounding–he’ll lie about anything! (dishonesty, deceitfulness) noun

Her mendacious story didn’t fool any of us. (false, untrue, fallacious)

A cunning and mendacious character, he is always ready to deceive someone. (lying, deceptive)

That mendacious child must be taught that it’s wrong to lie. (lying, dishonest)


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