This I swear

I wanted so much to do this in person when I offer you my submission but doing it fully and with forethought is more important than the timing. I also know that by Wednesday I will have been at least two full nights without sleep making the likelihood that I will remember more than a fraction of this next to nil.

You are my dearest friend.
You are my Love
You are my One
I missed you before I knew who you were
I want to be all for you
I need you to teach me how
I will frustrate you
I will provoke you
I will challenge you
I will support you
I will be here for you as your submissive, your adviser, your confidant and your friend
I will give you my best
I will try not to make mistakes but when I do I will learn from them
I will serve you
I will pleasure you
I will work hard for you
I will strive to know you as I know myself
I will never take you for granted
You know my mind
You have my heart and soul
You own my body
I am yours completely and without hesitation
I will make you proud to have me as yours
This oath I swear to you today and for the rest of my life


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