Departures and Arrivals

I apologize for my abrupt departure last night this morning. I would happily have stayed with you until the wee hours sunrise however, DH arrived home a couple of hours earlier than usual and was less than pleased to find me awake and engaged at that hour.

I questioned why this was an issue with him and he stated gruffly that I should be sleeping, as if I were an errant child who had missed their bedtime. Please. I let it drop, that hour not being the time to discuss such things. I laid there staring at the ceiling for a couple of hours more, formulating arguments for a more acceptable time.

When he got up this morning, I was still annoyed at having my time with you abbreviated but I maintained my poker face, knowing he would not leave it alone. When he brought it up I requested an explanation of the issue. He restated his case I explained that I had not been sleeping for the last week. That my time with you was entertaining and only prevented me from ceiling examinations, not from sleep. I pointed out I had not gotten to sleep the previous night morning until something after 3.

DH: You should do something about it? Why aren’t you taking something?
K: I expect it will fix itself after next week.
DH: Why?
K: Imagine if I could remove the most important people in your life on a whim after one meeting with them. That’s why.
DH: The more I learn about him the more I notice a likeness.
K: I hesitate to say this because I don’t want you to see him as competition but yes, he and I are the same. He may as well be me as a man. It’s that close. (I cited several examples.)
DH: Actually, I was talking about similarities to me.
<insert a few beats of awkward silence>
K: Yes, there are some of those as well.
DH: K, we have talked about this. Unless there is some horrible gut thing or something you had not seen before, it’s going to be fine. I expect it to go very smoothly. Really. Don’t worry about it.

Riiiiiiight, I’ll just change who I am fundamentally, to stop worrying about a choice that is beyond my control, that could change the path of my life. Mmm Hmm … because that’s so easy for me. Sometimes I wonder if he knows me at all.


3 thoughts on “Departures and Arrivals

  1. ive read several of your post and love them. Im confused on DH though lol New to your page and sent from serving I as wondering if he is your husband or significant other?

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