Playing Dress-up

Ech .. Saturdays. I used to really enjoy them. Now they are just a day I spend wondering what you are doing and if you are thinking of me. This one was especially challenging, having not spent much time with you on Friday. I was missing you. I spent some time writing because it will occasionally trick me into thinking that I’ve had a conversation with you. It was not enough. I fully tightened my corset wanting the restriction, wanting to feel bound if by proxy. This also was not enough.

In my lighter moments this past week or so, I allowed myself to entertain thoughts of what I will wear for you Tuesday night. Make no mistake, I will be dressing for you. I had mentally tried on several outfits, balancing what I really want to wear with what will not get a look from DH.  Frankly, I do not have to explain my wardrobe choices to him, nor will I but I’d rather not have to argue about it given how stressed I expect to be.

Finding myself with time on my hands and not much to do, I spent my Saturday evening raiding my closet. I pulled out all of the combinations I had imagined. During my imaginings I failed to take my weight loss into account. Several things I saw myself wearing no longer fit. It was amusing and frustrating, trying all these things on, lacing and unlacing my corset over and over again.

I finally put together a little something that I look decent in. I was going for sexy but I don’t  think that’s in my repertoire anymore. Still, I think you’ll be pleased. I’ll be wearing a more casual version of the outfit we put together for my picture. I’m considering dark red lipstick…


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