An open letter to my readers

Hello Everyone,

When I began this blog, it was for administrative purposes. My Master had requested that I begin submitting a journal entry to him daily. Roughly a month later, I was tired of clicking through all of the various emails to re-read what I had written. I thought I’ll find a blog host and put all of them there. No one but me will read it anyway. <shrug>. And so I did. I went back through all of my entries to him, removed the identifying info and then backdated each posting to correspond to when it was originally written.

Fast forward. I now have award nominations, followers and regular commenters. I no longer feel that I exist alone in the bubble of my submissiveness. Before this blog, I had my Master whom I can talk to for hours on end discussing just about anything. Along with a few folks in chat for whom Hey how are you? was an in-depth conversation.

I would like to take a moment to restate something that may have escaped the notice of those who found me recently: By design, the majority of the content here is, at minimum two days and often as much as two weeks behind real life. I require this buffer to edit, re-edit and re-edit again. It is also my wish to give my Master time to say Please don’t put this one on the blog. Not that he would ever censor me but I still want him to have the option. I would not have him hurt.

In conclusion, thank you. Thank you to my lurkers. I know you’re out there. I hope someday you’ll find something engaging enough to click “follow” or comment on. Thank you to my followers. I enjoy knowing that you’re out there happily reading along. Most of all, thank you to my fellow submissives who take the time to comment. You, treasured few, have made an enormous difference in how I see myself. You reenforce that it’s not “wrong” for me to feel the things I do. That it’s not sick to crave kneeling at my Master’s feet. That it’s not wrong or weird or warped to need be flogged, spanked (Oh yes, please! Let’s all be spanked!), controlled, dominated, disciplined, hooded or any of the other seemingly endless things that we do. I still have my moments of what is wrong with me? but they are far fewer thanks to you.

Love and light,


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