I came across this today. Consent in M/s Relationships. It says exactly what I was trying to say to you the other night. It would take an act of biblical proportions for me to leave you. I cannot imagine a scenario that would cause me to say I’m finished.

This goes hand in hand with what I am willing to do for you. I shared with you that short of my hard limits and what I cannot explain upon returning home, I am yours to do with as you wish. I belong to you. This it not something I say lightly. I mean it. I am your property.

We spoke of your Waiting Game. I find the idea frightening to almost paralyzing levels BUT you removed the one reason I would have for refusal. You made the possibility of abduction, which was remote to begin with, almost impossible. I am no less frightened but my life no longer being in danger, in my mind, removes my right to say No. When I accepted your collar I did so knowing that for the rest of my life your happiness is my purpose.

SIR, I really want you to know this. Know it deep within, in that place that never questions. In the place where doubt is forbidden. I need to serve you. I need you to have what you want. Fear does not enter into the equation when I am calculating what I will and will not do for you. Hard limits are the first check point. If a request passes through that point, the only thing that factors in is how much it will effect my home life. That’s it. It’s not fear. It’s not discomfort. It’s not my pleasure. It is not about easy. My needs/wants/desires do not factor into the choice much, if at all. It is will this cause an insurmountable issue at home? Only that and nothing more.


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