A long long time ago I was four months pregnant. DH and I had put in an offer for our first home, a condo. We were waiting to hear back on our mortgage approval.  DH was in the process of changing jobs. We were more than a little stressed.

I created a positive thinking game. It had away of putting things in perspective. I have taught this to more than one person who was going through an extended period of stress. I bring it up because I was about to write a doom & gloom post. I’ve had a relatively crappy day. It would have been easy to dwell. Instead, in the spirit of the season I’m going to play my game. It’s called Even Though.

Even though I did not have a chance to connect with you today and I probably won’t be able to touch base with you for a few days … I will soon have an entire week to revel in your presence and the rest of my life to love you.

Even though two out of three things I wanted to show you during dress up time are now too big … I have lost 43 pounds, I’m entirely off my prescription pain meds, and I’m healthy.

Even though we had a difficult few days … we had meaningful, helpful, problem solving communication we are stronger for it.

Even though I cannot, at this time, serve you in the way I want, simply because I do not know you well enough … You have taught me that, for now, it is as easy as listen and obey.

Even though I frequently feel that I am failing you … You are patient. I am persistent. We will succeed together.

Even though I am a perfectionist and I want all of the answers right now … You have taught me that it’s just not possible. I have resolved to relax and breathe through this process. I have surrendered and will reside in the structure you provide.


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