I went alone. I was extremely nervous. I don’t “do” social gatherings – much less by myself. I got lost on the way there. I was a few minutes late. Being late made me more nervous. I considered turning around and going home. I saw a Dom in the parking lot that I recognized from Fet. I had studied the RSVP list trying to put faces with names and histories ahead of time. I knew I wouldn’t remember much, if anything, from the munch itself. I wanted to be prepared.

I went in and was approached by the restaurant’s hostess. Well, crap what do I say? I’m here to meet a bunch of sexual deviants? I settled for “Yes, I’m meeting some people.” thinking this was as general as possible. She walked me back to the table where a bunch of folks were hanging out.

I stood there for a minute thinking they looked so normal this couldn’t be the right place. How exactly do you ask? I thought What the hell. In for a penny, right? “Is this the munch?” Several folks smiled and laughed. I promptly felt as though I didn’t have an intelligent cell in my brain and blushed to the tips of my hair. “It’s my first time.” Could I have been more awkward?

They welcomed me warmly and I sat down wishing that the floor would open beneath me. It’s true what they say: It gets better. I really had a very nice time. I felt a kinship with these strangers. It was odd. When someone mentioned caning and I winced discreetly, it did not go unnoticed. One or two laughed with me.

I felt a connection with one of the subs who was there with her husband/Master. About an hour in, when she and I made eye contact for the millionth time, she said she liked me because I was always pink. She found my near constant blushing amusing. That’s ok with me. She laughs as readily as I do. When I left she handed me the Fet information for both she and her Master.

All but one or two asked me, individually, to please attend a play event next weekend. If I can get child care I’ll be going. I will not play without you, but I’m still looking forward to it.


14 thoughts on “Munch

  1. What was your motivation / reason for going? I think it was very brave. I think letting yourself show your self-consciousness, the real you, was delightful to those attending. Why go next weekend if not to play? Is it just to learn through watching?

      • I went for a lot of reasons, SoG. I feel very strongly that the road we have chosen is a difficult one. We need the support of like minded people, even if it never goes beyond sitting with them around a table once a month. I also went to bring pride to my Master. He and I had spoken of me getting out into the community. I wanted to accomplish this and make him proud.

        The play event is not about playing. It is about being seen in the community and making connections, to see new forms of play and get a feel for what these events are like.. At some point when I attend with my Master, perhaps there will be play. Playing at one’s first event is not wise, especially when attending alone. Someone as new as myself would not have enough information to be safe during play.

        It’s called a munch because we sit around “munching” food and talking šŸ™‚ Please never apologize for asking questions.

      • Thank you for answers. It makes perfect sense, of course, but to those of us who are ‘uninitiated’, we are clueless. I am glad I asked about “munch” because when I googled it, it said cunnilingus, and it didn’t sound like there was any of that going on… šŸ˜€ One of my difficulties is knowing when to take things at face value and when it is an oblique reference.

    • Kayla,

      When you are ready …

      It’s well worth it. I am NOT brave. I was a nervous wreck the whole time for no reason. Ya know what I discovered? They are people just like we are. Imagine yourself sitting at a table in a restaurant with me and beccyjo talking about subbie stuff. That’s a munch. That’s it – except there are a few more people. You can sit there like I did and not say much of anything. It’s not anything to be nervous about.


  2. my Master and this slave went to a munch last night, and guess what no one bothered to tell us it was canceled due to the solstice.W/we had a nice time anyways and enjoyed O/our coffee date since that is what it turned out to be.

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