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I cannot comprehend why this is so important to you. I do not understand why it matters. What difference does it make if I believe that I am hot or sexy or a MILF?

I am the person you fell in love with whether I believe my exterior is smoking hot or not so much. I am just as able to serve you whether I believe myself to be attractive or hideous. I still want to do all of the wonderful, horrible, wicked things that we do so well together.

I have always placed emphasis on who I am not on what I look like. I am a compassionate, giving individual. I am fiercely loyal. I love with all that I am. Those things matter. I seek to be kind whenever possible. I do not intentionally hurt anyone. That matters. I do not place myself first. I care for my child as gently as I can. This is what is important.

How I view the container in which I dwell is of almost no consequence. My actions, who I am, my impact on others, what I leave behind when I am gone  – These things have weight. This body, regardless of how I see it, will rot in the ground and feed the worms.

I love that you find me attractive. I love that there are times you are fighting for control because of how you see me. I love that you talk about how hot I am with such passion. I love that my appearance brings you joy. What I believe about my body does not change any of this. The fact the I do not agree with you does not make me any less happy with your pleasure.

Please, I’m asking, please help me grasp why you are working so hard to change this facet of my personality.


3 thoughts on “Desirability

  1. Now this I understand. Why He is ‘working so hard to change this facet of’ your ‘personality’. It will be a wonderful Gift if He succeeds. I am sure He will succeed.

  2. I had the same “problem” until I finally began to see myself the way he saw me…and then my confidence just burst out of me in ways I never expected…I was always confident about who I was but not my appearance…choosing to see what he saw changed me…my point is that I think I understand what he is trying to do for you…if you can, embrace it…

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