I cannot stop thinking about being bent over a bench, in public – kinky public, but public.  I’m conflicted about sceneing. I am equal parts apprehensive/aroused/raw vulnerability. I know that if You decide we should do this, that You will make it ok – that You will help me  – that we will get through it together. The play we do, though always physically and mentally difficult, has been the comparatively easy part of this.

Serving You, kneeling at Your feet, that I can do. I will likely make mistakes. I’m scared I will do something very wrong. The potential for grievous errors is enormous. I would like to talk with you about what You expect from me. We have the week prior. Perhaps on one of our non-play days, we might rehearse, if you desire it.

I want You to be proud that I am Yours. I need You to be happy.


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