Play party (conclusion)

Time was fuzzy that night. Occurrences and sequences are mixed up in my head.

  • I watched the rigger and a few of his bunnies for a bit. C stood beside me for a while telling me the names of the players and explaining their relationships to each other. One of the players appeared to be video taping the flying of his female partner.
  • Aquaman appeared beside me often. Sometimes we spoke, sometimes we did not.
  • Both C and Aquaman mentioned wanting to negotiate with you for play with me.
  • I strongly disliked the music but found myself discretely sideline dancing more than once. A male came over to me and stated that he and his friends were looking for people who wanted to dance. Before I could decline he had walked away.
  • More than one spanking scene played out. I missed you. I wanted it to be us.
  • It was crowded. I stood against a wall, out of the way, watching another rope scene. A male crossed my sight line. He ducked and leaned toward me Excuse me for crossing your path. I smiled politely and said nothing. He struck me as one who was drunk. Sometime later he stood beside me as I watched the play area. I saw motion in my peripheral and looked to find him with his cup raised in my direction as if proposing a toast. I was extremely creeped out and went to find C, who was also a DM. There was nothing to report but I felt safer not standing alone.
  • I stood watching a scene involving Florentine. Aquaman showed up beside me. He struck up a seemingly innocuous conversation about food preferences. You had mentioned discussing drinks as safe territory so I thought nothing of this until he stated that he cooks for his play partners. I became annoyed and said something like he was speaking to me as if he and I were going to play. He said something about being presumptuous and walked away.
  • I watched a fire play scene. There was fire-eating as well as stereotypical fire play. I kept wondering how they didn’t set off the fire alarm.
  • In a dark corner of the play space there was an extremely intimate power exchange between a male and a female. There was nothing to see on the surface; just a female kneeling at the feet of a male. The energy between them was so strong I found myself staring, though they were easily twenty feet away.
  • Aquaman and R individually said to me at least twice each that they were hungry and that they were going to get some food when they left. I felt that they were waiting for me to ask to go with them. I did not ask.
  • When they were leaving R came to me and thanked me for contributing my energy to her scene. She said I was a classy lady and that she hoped she could do the same for me sometime. She again stated that they were leaving to go get something to eat. I said I would probably see her at the next munch.
  • I sat with C and cat in the aftercare area. C appeared to be falling asleep and cat was rubbing his shoulders. I felt as if I were intruding. I stayed for a bit not wanting to walk to my car on my own. I was thinking they would be leaving soon. At around 1:30 I heard you telling me to get out of there before the end of the night. I thanked C for his introductions and waved goodbye to cat. I then left the venue thinking you would be proud of me. Thinking all of your prep had paid off. Thinking that I had done well.

3 thoughts on “Play party (conclusion)

  1. This is really different from anything I have read before. It almost reads like notes from a swinger session. Or maybe points to make about a session. Or points made for someone else who woudl usually go to a session with you (it moves between fiction and non fiction too). And the dots themselves (which I first took to be a format error) add to the impact. Interesting. If I have said something stupid or missed the point, please forgive me.

    • writingthebody,

      Thank you for your comment and observations.

      This post was written in a bulleted format because I don’t have a memory of the flow of these events. Each memory has its own bullet. I work to make my entries here truthful and accurate. Yes, I could have created a fictional narrative to join these occurrences together, but that’s not what I do.

      You have mentioned that you feel this piece moves between fiction and non fiction. I can assure you the only thing here that is fiction, are the names. These have been changed to maintain anonymity.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  2. Wow…thank you too for answering (and yes, I am sorry that I did not fully grasp how you were writing, much clearer to me now). 🙂

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