You have asked me for a goal related writing on two different occasions and on two different topics. For efficiency sake I’ll do them both here.

Goals from April:
Join a chat site where I can speak to like minded people.
Read, read, read
Become active in the local community
Find a mentor for DH
Live as a 24/7 submissive

April goals updated:
Foster healthy associations in the local community
Learn You

Long term goals:
Learn You.
Execute any/all protocols flawlessly and without hesitation.
Have the entire poly group in one place at one time to socialize in a vanilla environment on a regular basis.
Be found worthy of Your permanent collar.

Original Corset Goal:
Reduce until my singing was effected and then back it off a bit.

Updated Corset Goal:
To reduce as much as I possibly can without adverse health effects. There is no way to know what size this will be without doing it. I will not assign myself a number only to find my body will not allow it.


2 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Oh my goodness…I have questions. Answer where possible? Is the ‘entire poly group’ just the 3 of you or does your Master have others in his group that will form part of the poly? Is DH open to the possibility of being part of the poly group or still getting there? What is the point / goal of the corset? Is it to physically alter your body or is it about learning breath control? You must be the strongest (in character) submissive I have yet come across. Many seem like simpering idiots. Sorry if I offend anyone, no disrespect intended to submissives, I just can’t see myself ever being like that. Like you, yes. Able to think, discuss, negotiate, challenge and speak my mind.

    • State of Grace,

      I cannot address specific questions regarding the poly group as they are not only mine to answer.

      As to corset training: I originally began corset training at the request of my Master. Since I began, I have come to love it. It is a form of “portable” bondage. I love the constriction. Yes, it does alter the wearer’s body. (You have seen this with imagery from the 1600s through the 1800s). It accentuates the bust and reduces the waist. How much the waist can be reduced is dependent upon the body shape the wearer started with as well as how dedicated the wearer might be. How many hours a day the corset is worn etc.

      The tighter one laces the more modified one’s breathing becomes. The lacing of the corset will “squeeze” the organs in the lower torso redistributing them above and below the tightest point. The floating ribs will also be constricted and, in some cases, “reformed” with prolonged wearing. For the hard core tight-lacer, this type of body modification is part of the goal.

      You are not alone in your observations about submissives. Be aware that there are as many different types of D/s combinations as there are people. There are Dominants that want the “simpering” submissive of your observation, just as there are D-types who prefer those like myself, and perhaps you.

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