I have been immersed in you this week. I cannot get enough of you. I don’t understand how I can talk to you from the time I wake to the time I sleep and still not be satiated.

This thing we have … this love … it is the stuff of the classics. Of box office gold. Of love stories that cannot possibly be true because “it would never happen like that”. These past few days we have changed. I have felt a deepening of our connection. I don’t fully comprehend what changed or how or why, I know only that it feels richer somehow.

It is Wednesday and already I’m dreading how much I will miss you next week. I know that being greedy this week will make next week that much harder but I can’t not be with you if that option is available.

I tried tonight. I put the little man to bed and got dressed to exercise. I was only going to go online “for a minute” but I saw you were on and couldn’t help myself. You are my sustenance. I will starve without you.


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