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Once again I find my self in a position of gratitude. I have come within a hairs breadth of privatizing the whole of Anastasia. I don’t like the risk. I don’t like that it frequently makes you uncomfortable. I don’t like the potential for epic fuck ups. I find it very cathartic but I frequently feel it is a selfish endeavor. The reason it is still up for public consumption is because you won’t allow me to shut it down.

Today the post about the munch disaster went live. I had previously marked it private because the whole experience has been tainted for me. I hemmed and hawed about publishing it. It originally contained a conversation between DH and I that I felt should remain within our poly group.

At some point over the last week, as I was stressing about attending the munch with you in January, I re-read the Munch post. I thought it was too important of an experience to keep to myself. I thought others new to the lifestyle might benefit. I figured out how to edit it to make it publishable.

It went live today and got more comments than any other posting to date. It resonated with several of my regulars. I hope it will eventually be the impetus for at least one of them to step out in to their local community.

So thank you. Thank you for not allowing me to hide even when I feel the reasons are valid. Especially when i feel the reasons are valid. Again, thank you for pushing me into discomfort.


5 thoughts on “The blogosphere

  1. Ladies,

    I have updated this entry to include a perma-link for the munch posting to which I have referred. You may not remember it as being particularly noteworthy because the reason I consider it disastrous was not disclosed. For clarity sake, let me say this, the munch itself was NOT a disaster. The events surrounding it were extremely difficult and presented MANY lessons for a new slave to learn.

    Thanks for giving me the head’s up on the missing link. I will try to remember to include them in the future.


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