I’m listening (A poll for INA readers)

Alright Readers, it had been brought to my attention that you find my self-censorship challenging to deal with. Personally, I want to post “something” every day – even if it’s a video/lyric replacement post just to let all of you know that I’m still out here, active and that I haven’t forgotten you. However, if you would all rather be in the dark than receive an edited post or a replacement, just say the word!

I will allow a week or so for Readers to vote. The majority will rule.


13 thoughts on “I’m listening (A poll for INA readers)

  1. Oh, you don’t have a ‘I won’t censor & will share it all choice’ .. sighs. Just kidding, I appreciate that even in anonymity there are things that are just too much to share with the world. I am going to vote with the last choice. I am perfectly happy with, and enjoy seeing the lyrics posts, but the posts that have a paragraph censored out, or appear in my email notifications, then aren’t there when I click through do frustrate me. Hmm, now I sound whiney & ungrateful… not my intention, I love your blog 🙂

  2. Mmm, echoing beccyjo’s sentiments…frustrating. You topless and in leather pants with your SO about to tell you how gorgeous you are, I wanted / needed to read that! But I love your blog too, and I must (and do) respect the decisions you make.

      • Oh I am glad to hear that! 😀 Thanks for following my blog INA. I am all over the place in my head, so my blog is not nearly as compelling as yours and I post / edit / delete, over and over again…but thanks anyway.

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