I had a wonderful time today. Thank you for my collar and cuffs. I cannot explain how much I love them. The weight of them is amazing. They also, perhaps unintentionally, functioned as a really nice ice breaker.

Thank you also for allowing me to sit by Your side. It gave me an enormous amount of pleasure to serve You. To have people seeing me serve You. To be who I am while by Your side. I need more of that.

I have been reflecting on the afternoon. Something continues to stick out in my memory. I am starting to think there is something different about my laugh. Perhaps it is due to frequency or infrequency … I’m just not sure.

I noticed, at least three separate times, there was delighted surprise on the face of whoever said the thing that caused me to laugh. Invariably the individual would watch me as if I had grown a third eye. After these three occurrences, I listened to the group asking myself if I was the only person who laughs. That wasn’t it, many were. I thought perhaps I was being perceived as loud but, when I watched, heads did not turn when I laughed. The only people who took any notice, that I saw, were those directly involved in the conversation with me.

So what the heck is it then? I didn’t notice any body language or facial expression that indicated that I was being inappropriate. I have to believe You would have taken me  outside to correct me if that was the case. I’m stumped. I’d be interested to hear any insight You might have about this. I’d love to know if there was some undercurrent I missed due to my social awkwardness. Of course, there is always the possibility that I’m imagining things.



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