The Senses

I love You. I love this fascination with my smell and taste. It is one of the things that makes You uniquely You.

Yesterday, I became salty. You kissed me over and over mesmerized by my shifting flavor. You asked me earnestly, more than once, how I was doing it, as if this were some sort of conjuration that I could explain. I further surprised you by then becoming sweet.

I wish I did know how I do this thing that causes You to kiss me with such intensity, as if I am a scrumptious buffet laid out for You and You alone. A buffet that You must devour before time runs out. Forcibly holding Your mouth to mine, lest You should miss a shift in the palate or drop a crumb.

Master, Your passion for me is an energy unlike any I have ever known. Sup at the buffet for as long and as often you need. I do not come with a slicer/peeler/juicer or a free set of Ginsu knives. I am not a limited time offer.


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