The Universe says “No”

You had me all worked up today. I had planned on a bit of masturbation when You were swapping out the truck battery but we wiled away the afternoon until LM was back downstairs.

Even if you had done the swap on Your original schedule, You were so quick I wouldn’t have had time anyway. Instead of “taking care of business” we continued talking and I only got more horny. By the time You had to go, I was drenched, amused and frustrated. I had been missing You so desperately and we spent the day making up for it.

I considered giving myself an orgasm when I went up to shower after dinner but DH had said he wanted to play tonight. If I take care of it myself he hasn’t got a shot. Besides how am I going to explain taking leather into the bathroom with me? In accordance with Your command: No leather – No treat. So fine. I’ll wait. I can always do it myself later if I have to. The universe was amused.

Fast forward a couple of hours. LM is in bed. DH and I are doing our thing. I’m thinking in 15 minutes or so I might actually get to orgasm. Won’t that be nice? It’s been a long, arousing day and I was half way there before I had my clothes off. It could happen.

I hear LM’s door open across the hall. We wait, frozen in place to see if it’s just a restroom run. “Hello? Mom? Dad? Anyone?” I’m certainly in no condition to handle this. I tell DH to answer LM. DH responds “LM go to bed!” “But Dad, I can’t sleep.” “I SAID go to BED!” We hear LM’s door open and close. We resume …nearly from square one, of course, because thanks to the female anatomy, that’s how it goes. Lady bits do not enjoy intermission of any kind.

A minute or two later one of the cats, having figured out where the people have gone, begins howling in the hallway. I’m beyond frustrated. I mumble something about the universe saying “no”. I tell DH to let the cat into the bedroom or she will wake LM. DH let’s her in, she talks all about how we left her out in the hall and then settles quietly into her spot on the floor.

DH and I try to regain momentum. Roughly five minutes later, we hear LM’s door again. “Dad? I still can’t sleep.” At this point I start laughing quietly. It’s so clear to me no one is going to get any satisfaction tonight. DH barks at LM to go back to bed. Given that this is extremely unusual behavior for LM, I tell DH to go talk to LM in a reasonable voice. Apologize for yelling and find out if something is wrong. Perhaps LM’s ear is bothering him, maybe he has a headache. Just go ask, I say through my laughter. DH is not amused but he goes across the hall anyway.

DH comes back and I’m so over the whole attempt. DH does make a valiant effort but we find that neither one of us can get anywhere near where we need to be. I’m just fine with DH taking all the time he needs and I tell him so. He declines.

The moral of the story? If you have the opportunity to have a little “personal play”, take it. You never know what might (or might not) happen later on. The universe, Dominant of us all, may decide orgasm denial is in order for the evening.

Today I am grateful for: Happiness
Today’s funny moment: “Do you have a hot, wet, drippy, pussy?”


2 thoughts on “The Universe says “No”

  1. Oh, I just loved this (big grin). It was like I was there.

    But I so can relate too, especially “We resume …nearly from square one, of course, because thanks to the female anatomy, that’s how it goes. Lady bits do not enjoy intermission of any kind.”.

    One thing, you *have to* explain is how leather and masturbation in the bathroom go together…I could learn something new from this 🙂

    • SoG, I do SO enjoy your comments. Things that make perfect sense to me … I completely forget have no frame of reference for INA readers.

      Alright … my Master and I are “of Leather” – that is we are involved in the leather lifestyle. (A concept far too complicated to explain in a comment). Recently He issued a command that I am no longer allowed to masturbate without wearing leather. With a house full of people, and the bathroom being really the only place to “get the job done”, obeying this command would have meant figuring out a way to incorporate leather garments in the shower. See the problem?

      I’m sure that explanation wasn’t nearly as much fun as you thought it might be. 🙂

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