Come out, come out, wherever you are

I called my mother last night. I ignored her the when she called in the afternoon because quite frankly I didn’t need her venom during an already difficult couple of days. DH pushed me to return her call.

She had called on a matter of no consequence. During the conversation she said “You like to get beat up anyway.” (She was referring to exercise. I am NOT out to my parents.) When I burst into hysterical laughter, she tried to make it better by saying “No, I mean, you like the pain”. She could not understand why this only made me laugh harder, almost to the point that I could not breathe.

At this time, DH was looking at me as if he were assessing my need for a padded room. I repeated aloud what my mother had said which, of course started him laughing nearly as hard as I was. This did not help me pull myself together. I was eventually successful in gathering myself.

This morning my mother called as I was exiting the shower. She wanted to apologize for the things she had said to me and perhaps thought she had offended me due to my past. I am owed some sort of achievement award for not descending into hysterics once again as the things she said in her apology only made it more amusing in the context of my life. If she only knew …


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