No school again tomorrow!! I am ready to rip my hair out. Knowing that LM will be home again AND there is no school Monday or Tuesday. I’m about to lose it.

I am beyond stressed and there is no relief in sight, from any quarter. I do not know how I have managed to be vigilant in my food intake. I cannot believe I have not yet stocked the pantry with all of my old friends.

I am nearly certain that before another week passes I will be ripping someone a new one. I do hope the boys take note of the liberal coating of egg shells on the floor. Woe be to him that breaks one.

Things that could potentially help:
* Play
* Doughnuts
* Orgasm
* A stiff drink or two … or three

So of these things, two can’t happen and the drink is not possible for the same reason the vast majority of things in my life aren’t: motherhood. I foresee a trip to the junk food palace in my very near future. For the safety of the boys …

Today I am grateful for: Fingernails. Without them I don’t know how I would be hanging on.
Today’s funny moment: “The next topic, Women: Fickle females or bat shit crazy?”


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