Today was amazing. Snuggled warm in bed and waking to Your voice is among my favorite things to do. There is no better way to start the day – even when You are being unreasonably loud and maniacally perky. Thank you.

Playing Jeopardy with You. Finally! Finally a worthy opponent. I am deeply competitive and I was still perfectly ok with losing. It is so refreshing to have someone watch with me who is capable of beating me. I had a really good time. Thank you.

This afternoon … collecting on Your bet. I am working through it. I am still not prepared for arousal when it comes out of nowhere. I genuinely wanted no part of that plug. None. On the other hand, You telling me to get to it in Your gentle but firm no nonsense tone ..dear god. My instant arousal stole my breath and left me thinking “What. the. hell???? I thought you didn’t want the plug? What are you all wet and bothered about? Geez girl, get it together.” I don’t understand this part of me. This desire for direction, it baffles me how I get turned on from it. Baffled or not the physical reaction is instant and unequivocal.

We are fast approaching a year together and I am still taken aback at how You suddenly affect me, at how perfectly amazing You are. That phone call will surely go down in the annals of Our history as the steamiest call ever. Ever. I mean, geezus, I was good to go in relatively short order anyway but You in my ear, it sent me right over the edge. The color of Your voice painting those vivid pictures … I will tell You, I have never understood the whole 1-900 business. Now I do. I would happily waste copious amounts of money to have that experience with You over and over again. Who needs a spank bank with that scrumptious memory kicking around my head? I’m flush just from writing about it. Thank you for another first. Thank you for mercy.

Thank you for making Our first Valentine’s Day special. Thank you for loving me and for allowing me to love You.

Today I am grateful for: Gentle commands
Today’s funny moment: “You’re a Valentine miracle!”


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