Talking smack.

So … You have requested that I share with You my extremely brief adventure in spanking.

This happened sometime during the uncertainty of Your February visit. I was hurting from missing You. It was much worse than usual. I don’t do well at all with maybes and not knowing whether or not I would see you was  horribly frustrating. This frustration was aggravated by Your new-found desire to own any solo orgasm.

I was laying in bed one night wishing I could fuck myself into oblivion orgasm. Staring at the ceiling, waiting for some form of release to materialize. Sadly, I do not live at Hogwarts and my ceiling is not enchanted. Nothing poofed into existence. I slipped my hand into my bikinis and ran my finger tips over the cellulite dimples smooth skin of my ass. I reflected that having my hand in my underwear, as randy as I was, was more than likely playing with fire. Following Your command was challenging enough without putting my hand that close to temptation. This is a very bad idea. flitted through my head If you touch yourself, you will have to tell Him and there WILL be consequences. You do not want to disappoint Him. Again. That was enough to have me cursing a blue streak into my pillow curling onto my side, both hands tucked firmly under my chin.

I thought of You and the many times I’ve heard You slap Your ass. I wondered if maybe I could get some endorphins into my system if I blistered my own ass carefully spanked myself. I knew this wouldn’t get me anywhere near an orgasm and maybe, just maybe, I could get some kind of relief from it.

I drew back the covers and slipped my bikinis down to expose my cheeks. I knew if there were to be endorphins there would also have to be pain. I hesitated, the warmth of my palm cupping one butt cheek. I wasn’t at all sure I would accomplish anything but I had to try. I had been a raving bitch in a horrid mood. I needed to be rode hard and put away wet something, anything I could manage.

I gritted my teeth like the wuss I am and drew back my arm to swing. The angle was odd. I let it fly anyway. **SMACK** … WTF!?!? There was pain, sure, but it was my hand that hurt, and I do mean hurt. My ass stung a bit but not anywhere what I’m used to from You. I thought Well, that sucked the big fat one that was truly disappointing. Maybe I did it wrong. I pulled my arm back and swung again, harder this time and lined up squarely with the sweet spot. **SMACK** … Son of a BITCH! Again, my hand hurt significantly more than my ass. I thought to myself How on earth does Master do this?? Screw it. I’d rather be horny.

I left it at that. I was pissed and quite a bit more bitchy grouchy than when I had started. So much for stress relief. I gained a whole new respect for the amazing OTK spankings You provide for Us. I don’t know how you manage it. You can be sure I won’t be asking for one now that I know the pain that comes with administering it.

Today I am grateful for: Possibilities
Today’s funny moment: Falling asleep on You. (I still don’t know why that happened.)


2 thoughts on “Talking smack.

    • Thanks! Those strike-throughs are very much like what goes through my head on a daily basis when I’m editing here. I do a lot of “wow that’s really inappropriate” and “well there’s no need to be rude”.

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