Nudist Camp

You have expressed a desire to have me wear nothing but a collar, cuffs and a smile for four days. I am extremely uncomfortable with that idea. (Yeah, two sentences into this and I’m shaking.) Perhaps “uncomfortable” is a diplomatic understatement.

I have said to You that I am ok being sans clothing during Our play at the Play Party. Perhaps this is where You got the idea that I would be able to walk around like a nudist for four days. With a whole bunch of people. People I have never met. With whom I will be expected to socialize. Without clothes on. This scenario is very close to a perfectly scripted version of Hell, were there such a thing.

Let us consider for a moment how difficult it is for me to be with new people. Let us also consider how immensely challenging it is for me to be around large groups of people. Now let’s add the stress of being untrained in an environment where I will be expected to know, not just protocol, but high protocol. There will be many present who will know much more about high protocol than I and they will be watching. And I will make mistakes. I cannot imagine all of this compounded by nudity.

The idea of sleeping naked in a cabin with strangers is enough to give me significant pause. This I believe I am probably capable of doing for You. I’m not going to be sleeping anyway. Laying awake naked or clothed I can probably do.

Today I am grateful for: Pictograms
Today’s funny moment: “Whatever!”


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