I had a few things to do today with the storm coming and LM very likely to be home at least tomorrow, if not tomorrow and Friday. I got home from running errands and realized the change in routine also meant I had not yet trained for the day. I had a fleeting thought of skipping it and decided against it for many reasons, first and foremost You are trusting me to honor my commitment to do this thing. That was really the only reason I needed. The others were superfluous.

I was annoyed. I didn’t feel like it. I was grouchy because of the possibility of school snow days. I was having a pity party because of the strong likelihood that I will not see You Saturday as planned. It was clear to me that all of this negativity would not be conducive to making things easier.

I plopped down in front of fet looking for a video that would move my thoughts in another direction. I had learned earlier this week that arousal makes a huge difference. I thought I’d give it a shot. I watched a short clip. It was less than 10 minutes and nothing special, barely even kinky. It had been enough to neutralize my negative attitude. I heard You in my head “Get to it, K.”

I went and got the plug, applied lube and inserted. Then the oddest thing happened. I got wet. I frowned and thought Hang on. What just happened?. I reached down and was, in fact, quite wet. I was still for a moment, digesting this bit of information. Curious, I took it out and put it back in and then … I did it again. My mind screamed BAD IDEA! No solo orgasms! Stop it! Stop it, right now before this gets out of hand!

I did stop. I did not however stick with my original plan. I had intended to hang out in bed for an hour catching up on some Tivo. I decided that would be a terribly bad idea. I got dressed and belted my pants tightly, to ward off wandering fingers, and went downstairs to get some things accomplished.

It often annoys me when You are proven right, though I am no longer surprised when it happens.

Today I am grateful for: Distractions
Today’s funny moment: Zombies causing a population decline in SimCity
Training: Two hours


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