Master, I’m relieved that You made it home safely. I’m already missing You. I listened to Your voice mails (thank you) and I heard the same sentiment behind Your words. I wish I could have spoken with You before You headed off to bed. I was giving my full attention to the boys. I was missed at home this week as I’m sure You were missed at Yours. All is well here.

Thank You for the gift of You. I needed it more than I can say. You have rejuvenated my spirit. I hope I have done at least that much for You.

Today I am grateful for: Understanding
Today’s funny moment: “Mom, how was your hang out with Mr. Rick today? Did you go to your special place?” (What does that even mean???)
Training: 35 minutes. (I will make up the remainder of the hour tomorrow.)
Water: 16oz +much cranberry juice with seltzer
Corset: am 26″, pm 25″


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