When we have a week together I forget most of it. My mind cannot hold all of the things we do. It simply isn’t possible. Given that, the memories that stick with me are the ones that made an impression for one reason or another (or perhaps several reasons). These are what I have retained from this visit.

  • being flogged against the door of the room
  • crawling in the hallway retrieving ice
  • dozing in the sleep sack
  • chaps!
  • very hot wax and the tickling whartenburg
  • the persistence of foot pain
  • needing to be held and finding it impossible to ask
  • pacing for You simply because You enjoy watching me walk
  • kneeling in the middle of the play space at the Play Party
  • naming Brutality
  • the joy of kneeling at Your feet
  • being surprised at how much deviations in Our established routine screwed with my head space
  • TWO newspapers
  • the time spent over Your lap
  • the new hood with the miniscule grommet
  • being teenagers in the parking garage
  • my very happy nipples
  • the remote at the Play Party
  • Our frustration at missed safe words
  • “The jury is still out.”
  • forced eye contact
  • forced verbalization
  • forced orgasm

Today I am grateful for:
cranberry juice
Today’s funny moment: “Sammy Hagar replaced David Lee Roth as lead singer for what rock band?” … “Uhm, N’Sync?”
Training: Two hours
Water: 16oz
Corset: am 27″, pm 25.5″


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