The edge

mystery_bushThank you for today. When we began Our phone call I thought it was nearly certain that We would end up arguing – at minimum. I’m so happy We stuck with it.

Yes, without You there, I would still have accomplished my task. I would have driven by the building at least twice more. I would likely have had a parking ticket. I would certainly have sat in the vehicle for at least fifteen minutes before going in if You’d not been there in my ear making me laugh.

You elevated my day. Sitting in the parking lot with You, identifying the local flora on my walk, was more fun than I’ve had all week. You restored some semblance of balance. Thank you for pulling me back from the edge. I hope I did at least some of that for You.

Today I am grateful for: A calming presence
Today’s funny moment: “DUDE!! I put that thing on my FACE!”
Training: 1 hour
Water: 24 oz
Corset: 25.5″ am, 25″ pm


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