Stress Induced Needs

This week plum wore me out. I don’t know what I would have done without You beside me to help me through it. Thank you. Especially for today.

I’ll be very happy to have a week of normalcy to get my head together before camp. I want to believe I will be sensible and rest. I want to believe my body will allow it. I want to believe it but I don’t. Insomnia has been reasserting itself and none of my usual tricks are bringing forth rest. When I do sleep, it is fitful and filled with odd dreams of failure induced stress.

I need You to be joyful. I need You to be proud I am Yours. I need the impossible. I need to be perfect.

Today I am grateful for: Time
Today’s funny moment: Dueling foreign accents from my two favorite men
Training: 3 hours (One hour with both, Two additional hours with the anal alone)
Water: 16 oz
Corset: 26.5″ am, 25″ pm


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