Top thirty

**Top Ten genres to sing:**
1. Broadway
2. Ballads
3. Country
4. Adult contemporary
5. Soft Rock
6. (some) Alternative
7. Folk
8. Chamber (in a choral setting, though I haven’t in years)
9. Pop
10. (some) Disco

**Top Ten book genres:**
1. Fantasy
2. Popular fiction
3. Thriller/suspense
4. Sci Fi
5. Horror
6. Paranormal
7. Erotic
8. Romance
9. The occasional classic. (*Loved* Jane Eyre and Grapes of Wrath)
10. Reference

**Ten trivia games:**
1. Jeopardy
2. Cash Cab
3. You Don’t Know Jack
4. Trivial Pursuit
5. Tic Tac Dough
6. Hollywood Squares
7. Buzz Quiz
8. Scene it (haven’t played this one in a long time)
9. Wits and Wagers (would like to try)
10. Bezzerwizzer (would like to try)

**Today I am grateful for:** raisins
**Today’s funny moment:** LM shaking the hand of every. single. faculty member when receiving his award
**Training:** 4 hours 30 minutes
**Water:** 4 liters
**Corset:** 26am, 25.25pm

Grrrr, and not in a good way

Grouchy, tired, annoyed, tired, bitchy, tired


Today I am grateful for: Sun
Today’s funny moment: “Ohhhh I’m so turned on by your mediocrity”
Training: 4 hours 10 minutes
Water: 4 liters
Corset: 25.75am, 26.6pm

When did this happen?

Tonight I was standing in the kitchen going over the calendar with DH. We were chatting about upcoming obligations. The conversation began as it usually does: “Oh speaking of dates: I haven’t put this on the calendar yet but …”

We updated the calendar and I stood there marveling, once again, over how much my life has changed in the last year. I flipped through the next few months. Each and every one has some sort of something going on. The summer months have me traveling at least once a month and, in July, a vacation as well as an event.

I stood there shaking my head, a smile on my face. DH had retired to a seat at the kitchen table while I confirmed the various dates and we worked through overlapping conflicts. I said to him, laughing, “When did we become these people?” He knew just what I meant.

Just a bit over a year ago, I left the house only to go grocery shopping, run errands, and chauffeur LM around to his various activities. My social life consisted of chatting with some folks online. That was it. That was my life.

Now, today, I have so much going on that the family calendar is a carefully orchestrated balancing act. I have meetings, events, and travel. I still have my Mom stuff to take care of but that’s humming in the background. It is not the sum and total of who I am. I am a whole person. I am living not existing. When did that happen?

Today I am grateful for: having only 24 hours in a day
Today’s funny moment: “The wrong answer of the day is brought to you by Fisties Bowling Supplies – Sink into your balls up to your wrist.”
Training: 30 minutes
Water: 4 liters
Corset: 26am, 25pm

Search term humor

Every once in a while someone will find INA with a search term that tickles me. Today I glanced down at the search term box and saw “amp up my orgasm”. Well searcher, please allow me to help you out. I offer the following for your orgasmic pleasure:

This + this + this =

happy woman

Closely followed by this:


It can lead to The Orgasm Cascade™. As always, your mileage may vary. This should not be interpreted as an endorsement for the products linked above. The above is not recommended for anyone with high blood pressure, heart disease, incontinence, or for anyone who wishes to be ambulatory  immediately following the use of this equation. INA will not be responsible for injuries or addictions resulting from this post. Experiment at your own risk. (Does this paragraph seem excessive? Trust me, it’s necessary.)

Sleepy deliciousness

Tonight was filled with the anxiety of doing everything right and the pangs of missing You. Thank you for everything You do for me. It made a huge difference tonight.

I’m off to sleep now … imagining Your leather-clad hotness.

Today I am grateful for: preparation
Today’s funny moment: “Mom, look at me! See this thing with my tongue? I wanna be a blow fly! They do this with their tongues (insert wild tongue gesticulations here) but I can’t do it very well, see? lelalelalalu”
Training: 4 hours 15 minutes
Water: 4 liters
Corset: 25.5am 24.75pm