I wanted to sit down and write a happy-happy, joy-joy entry. I don’t have one in me. I’m not bouncing back as quickly as I would like. I’m not sitting around having a pity party. I’m able to be productive – that’s a plus. In the past, I have had periods of drop when all I could do was sit and stare into space. I guess from that perspective I’m doing well … so far anyway.

Tomorrow I’m going to force myself to go to a movie. Sitting around in yoga pants never did anyone any good. I haven’t been resting. I’m tempted to benadryl myself into oblivion tonight. The bizarre dreams I’ve been having have been less than fun. The tiny pink pill calls to me almost as loudly as chips and chocolate (and not just because it’s fuchsia). I will abstain. I want to be here for You if I’m needed. If I self-medicate I don’t stand a chance of being coherent.

I hope Your household is recovering more readily than I am.

Today I am grateful for:shelter
Today’s funny moment: kittie getting a bag stuck on her nose
Training: 4 hours
Water: 4 liters
Corset: 25.5″ am, 24.75″ pm


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