Do You know …

… just how many buttons You pushed in the last half hour of Our conversation today. This thing You speak of is not something I allow myself to think about. You have spoken of many things that I have led me to think Well, it’s a lovely idea and everything … it’s also pure fantasy. There’s no way that will ever happen. So many of those things have become reality. I already have so much. I dare not allow myself to hope for more.

I have had the tiniest taste of what it could be like. I needed it before I had that taste. I thought I knew. I thought I understood. Now that I have experienced a modicum of what it might be like … and had to leave it behind, as if nothing had changed … I yearn for it. My wrists are too quiet, too light. My throat is naked.

I continue to marvel over (and I probably always will) how You saw this me. A me that no one else knew was there. I wonder what You still see that I have not yet imagined, let alone striven to become. Whatever it is, I want You to have it. I will continue to work at facilitating Your dreams. I will overcome the limitations I have. I will not let my limitations stand in the way of being all that You desire.

Today I am grateful for: Your voice
Today’s funny moment: “Jerry the Gerbil and the Bullies on the Bus. Read it. Not helpful.”
Training: 4 hours
Water: 4 liters
Corset: sneezing and tightlacing don’t mix


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