Who wears short shorts?

It was warm today. Very warm. Low 90s warm. I wanted to work in the yard in spite of the temperature. With all the rain we’ve had I’m behind on yard maintenance. I also had a few Spring things left to get done, not the least of which was getting the water feature up and running.

When my yard work was as finished as it could be for the day. I took a second shower because the day’s work had rendered my morning shower moot. When I got out and had dried off I was still hot. I was standing there freshly showered … and I was sweating. <sigh> Fine. Maybe I have some shorts in my I-never-wear-this-but-I-can’t-toss-it drawer. Not only did I have shorts, but I had shorts that fit this body. I didn’t know where they came from, nor did I care. I slipped into them and donned a fitted tank top.

I took a look in the full length mirror making sure I wasn’t an embarrassment. I proclaimed myself passable, bordering on cute. The marks on my legs caught my eye. I stood there, turning at different angles to see how the marks were blooming. I ran my finger tips over them gently, inducing mild discomfort. I had a moment of what-the-heck-is-wrong-with-me while grinning like an idiot at the colors, remembering how much fun we had last week.

Then I realized … I have marks … not mild, can be explained away marks but serious, my god who beat the hell out of you marks. Marks that would be seen by my father-in-law who was due to arrive at any moment. Oops! I quickly changed into pants and thought about how close I had come to outing myself. Eesh!

I cannot remember the last time I wore shorts. Apparently, it will be a bit longer before I’ll be wearing them again.

Today I am grateful for: realizations
Today’s funny moment:
Training: 5 hours
Water: 4 liters
Corset: 25.5 am, 24.75 pm


One thought on “Who wears short shorts?

  1. Even though they need to hide, I do adore marks like that…at my most daring, I worse off the shoulder dresses with deep bruises on my shoulders and neck…but I didn’t have family anywhere near!

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