Thank you for my boots. I am as happy about them as I was when I earned my pants. I wish there was someone I could tell who would understand how momentous this is. You are the person with whom I share everything and You already know. (Let’s pretend You don’t and I will tell You anyway …)

My boots came today! The boots that I feel like I have taken forever to earn, I got to wear them today. I was having a very hard day for some unknown reason. Emotional hot buttons were being stumbled upon all morning and I was a mess. I thought the knock at the door was the ball gag training kit arriving. I didn’t know how on gods little green earth I was going to cope with that, on top of everything else the morning had wrought.

When I opened the door and saw what looked, for all the world, like boots, though I was not expecting them for at least a couple more weeks, it felt like Christmas. (Warning: New age woo-woo ahead) I love this about the Universe. When the boots did not arrive in time for camp, I thought to myself, Let it go. They will show up when they are supposed to. When I reallyneed them. That’s when I will have them. And this is exactly what happened.

I wore them all day and well into the evening. I did not give a tiny fig that it was into the 90s and far too warm for such a heavy boot. My joy was bright enough to light the city, I’m sure. My pleasure was, I felt, oddly disproportionate to a simple pair of boots.

I rolled this around in my mind while doing the dreaded grocery shopping tonight. I realized that my feelings were, in fact, perfectly proportioned considering everything I did/endured/learned that granted me the privilege of wearing my boots. It was not the leather, grommets, and lacing assembled in the form of footwear that provided my joy. It is what these unassuming shoes symbolize.

Thank You Master, for the recognition. I will continue to earn my boots everyday. I will continue to make You proud.

Today I am grateful for: Boots!
Today’s funny moment: angry titties
Training: 4 hours
Water: 4 liters
Corset: 25 am, 24.25 pm


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