It’s been an insanely busy day today. 11:45pm and I’m still trying to fit everything in. I went to the munch. Met a few new people whose names I don’t remember. You would have been annoyed. There was no D&D chat but there was much talk about cats and Ren Faire.

I’m pretty sure no one mentioned anything about BDSM until it was asked that folks for a topic for the next local munch. This grew a harvest of the usual blank stares. I offered up something about communication during extreme bondage scenes and was shot down because it was “too specific”.

I had an nice time. The french toast was fabulous and the sausage was skinny. What more can I ask for?

Today I am grateful for: motivation
Today’s funny moment: Charcoal and obsidian
Training: 4 hours
Water: 4 liters
Corset: 25.75am, 24.75pm


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