TMI Tuesday: Fill in the Blank

For the first question, base it on the last 12 months. You may use the film rating system of your home country; be sure to define that rating for us.
British Board Film Classification
Motion Picture Association of America
Canada’s many classification boards – Motion Picture Association

1. If my sex life were a film, it would be rated NC-17.
NC-17 — No One 17 and Under Admitted. An NC-17 rated motion picture is one that, in the view of the Rating Board, most parents would consider patently too adult for their children 17 and under.

2. I’ve got a body for tight-lacing and a face for hoods.

3. It’s extremely sexy when a man openly demonstrates affection for me in the company of others.

4. Doing the grocery shopping naked makes me likely to be arrested for public indecency, so I do it fully clothed.

5. In the morning, I am always resentful that I have to leave my cozy bed and there fore varying levels of grumpy dependent on how I’m awoken. It is best to steer clear of me until after I’ve had breakfast. Grumpy becomes royally pissed if you insist on having a conversation with me during breakfast.

6. I would love to ride horse back on the beach in the tropics.

Bonus: Roses are expensive and die quickly when cut for arrangements, Violets are affordable and self-seeding, depending on the type YOU CREATE THE REST OF THE POEM

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8 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday: Fill in the Blank

  1. Just be careful when you’re grocery shopping naked. Some of the other customers might grab the wrong melons! Speaking of that, though, have you ever seen the movie Amazon Women on the Moon? It’s sort of a sketch comedy movie, and there’s one sketch where Monique Gabrielle goes about her day totally naked. It’s a hilarious film, and this just reminded me of it.

  2. 4. Hahaha. Or get you free groceries and the admiration of the bag boys.

    5. I’m a morning person…totally chipper and energetic. Best we not be roommates…lol

    Bonus: WTH!? Too funny. Thank you for the florist information 🙂


  3. I did my grocery shopping completely naked for an entire week and didn’t get arrested once!

    (But this was in a naturist resort in France!)

  4. As for grocery stores…. I used to meet my lover at the grocery store and shop with her, “as good friends might do…” I requested that she wear a baby-doll dress and she surprised my with a very short number, some beautiful hosiery, and no panties. While not completely naked, she flashed me enough that I felt as if she was. And, FYI, there is very little foot traffic right outside the big meat locker on aisle 4, towards the back.

    Very nice post. Thank you

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