Ten Day challenge #3

Eight ways to win your heart. 

1. Understand how much work I put into each and every relationship in my life – be reciprocal

2. Honesty – ‘Nuff said

3. Open, complete communication – If I am left to wonder, I will almost always assume the negative

4. Be thoughtful – it really is the little things

5. Follow through – If you say you are going to do something I will believe you. If there is some question, then don’t commit to the action. I need to be able to count on someone other than myself. Repetitive failures will cause me to doubt you often and offer a mental “We’ll see” each time you say you will do something. No good can come of that.

6. Feed my mind – Talk with me about anything and everything

7. Compliment me – I will disagree. I will pretend not to hear. I will be extremely uncomfortable. Do it anyway. I carry compliments with me and pull them out when I’m blue.

8. Draw me a bath with soft music, candles, and bubbles – I relish baths. I won’t do this for myself. There is always something or someone else more important. Be prepared for me to argue that I don’t have time to sit and do nothing. Also be prepared for me to be disproportionally appreciative after the fact.


Please offer your thoughts

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