TMI Tuesday: Would you rather … ?

1. Would you rather be smart or awesome? Why?
I would rather be smart. Awesome without smart can lead to douche baggery. Smart without awesome can lead to mind blowing inventions. Does anyone give a tiny rodents posterior that Steve Jobs was an asshat most of the time?

2. Would you rather french kiss a cat or pleasure a frog?
OK Ew. Bestiality, no matter how small the beast might be, is a hard limit.

3. Would you rather live the rest of your life with Darth Vader’s voice or Alvin the Chipmunk’s voice?
Darth Vader. Who is going to take Alvin seriously?

4. Would you rather sail the Caribbean on a week long FREE cruise with the ship’s crew and 20 five-year-old children or shovel coal in a coal mine for a month?
I’ll take the children and pass on the Black Lung. Thank you very much.

5. Would you rather make an obscene phone call to your mother once a week or get a text message from your father every time he’s horny? Why?
Incest, also a hard limit.

6. Would you rather have dinner with all your exes at once or with five guys on death row having their last meal?
All of my exes. They can sit there wishing they had never lost me. I expect I’m doing better than nearly all of them.

Bonus: Write one unique question for possible use in a future TMI Tuesday, and submit it as your bonus answer for this week.
Would you rather have sex on a Ferris Wheel or the bumper cars?


See who else is playing here.


3 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday: Would you rather … ?

  1. “Awesome without smart can lead to douche baggery.” Cheers!
    I love your bonus question, I think I know how I’d answer but I should ponder this more.

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