Learning curves

Have I ever mentioned how much I despise learning curves? Today I wasted spent seven and a half hours mangling constructing a leather bra … well … most of one anyway. At least three of those hours were spent spewing filth atkicking taking a hammer tobeating the ever loving crap out of … inspecting my sewing machine trying to figure out why in gods name it suddenly decided to hate leather after making nice for most of the day. The answer, I discovered after threatening to toss it on the trash heap much trial and error, was that the thread I had purchased specifically for leather work was too mucho macho man heavy for my wimpy-ass piece of shit consumer grade machine.

Unfortunately in the process of dealing with my sewing machine’s annoyance with leather, I pretty much obliterated what had been, at the start, a scrumptious garment. I didn’t even bother finishing it. Tomorrow morning, after trying on every leather bra I own just to be sure they don’t fit breakfast, I will begin again.

I’m trying to remember that although I do not have a buttery soft, fits like a glove (a glove? on my boobs? maybe not.) bra to wear tonight, I did learn an enormous amount today and didn’t destroy all that much leather … though ruining any is painfully expensive.

Today I am grateful for: realizations
Today’s funny moment: “How’s your cup feel?” … “It’s really tight but without it I’d be crying!”
Training: 5 hours
Water: 4 liters
Corset: 26.5am, 25.75


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