Nope. Can’t say that.

On the way home from self defense training DH and I were discussing “tap outs” with LM. (How to do them, when they are appropriate, what to do when your oponent taps out, etc) All of this was covered in class but LM was so distracted by the girls grappling on the mat that he heard none of it.

DH: So, L when would you tap out?
LM: I don’t know.
DH: OK. If you can’t breathe. If you are in too much pain. If you can’t take anymore.
And I thought “LM, it’s just like using your red safe word.” Fortunately this was caught by my internal editor before it made it out of my mouth.

An unrelated side note: I will never tire of hearing “I own you.” Makes me wet every time. “My girl” in any context is a very close second.

Today I am grateful for: mood shifts
Today’s funny moment: Watching the sparrows make sweet, sweet sparrow love on the gym window ledge
Training: 5 hours (on the overnight)
Water: 4 liters
Corset: 23.75am, 24.25pm*
*Corset numbers will be a bit wonky until I have broken in the new style.


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