By the numbers

corsetI saw this gorgeous picture on K&P today and I thought. Oh she’s pretty followed closely by That’s a very nice outfit and then … … then, for some reason, I stopped and took a good hard look. Hang on a second … Oh my. Oh my goodness. I lace tighter than she does and … oh .. oh wow … I have a greater hip to waist differential than she does … what the hell?! I also have a greater bust to waist differential. My body is hotter than hers?! She must be fifteen years younger than me.

This afternoon on my way to Home Depot I was blasting my music, singing for stress relief, watching people as I drove. (This is all related. Bear with me here.) It was warm and there were lots of people out and about. I challenged myself to become an objective observer. I was looking at weight. My mother’s comment about me looking unhealthy really got under my skin (shocking, I know) and so I watched. I stopped singing as the realization dawned. By the time I reached my destination I was stunned.

On my perhaps five mile journey I saw roughly thirty-five people. Of those thirty-five people, I counted seven that were, at what looked to be, a healthy weight. Seven. Three of which were young children. I had an epiphany. The reason so many people comment on my weight is because they have forgotten what a healthy weight looks like, especially on someone my age. I am in the minority in my appearance to such a degree that I am some sort of BMI unicorn.

These two things happening in tandem today highlighted what You see. Holy crap! I have a hot body. Hotter than the model chick. Sure she’s prettier than I am but … oh my god, when did this happen? I know, I know, You’ve been saying it forever. I have been begrudgingly parroting it for about as long. I actually see it. I’m still wrapping my brain around this… at least I see it now. That’s progress.

Today I am grateful for: Epiphanies
Today’s funny moment: my stubborn self image being turned on its head in a single drive
Training: 5.75 hours (on the overnight)
Water: 4 liters 3 ounces
Corset: 24.5am, 23pm


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