It’s fate, I tell ya

I now have the cheapy version of grommet setter thingys and a bunch of grommets. They are however useless because before I had the punch set in hand …

I got caught up chatting with the Tattooed clerk at the shop … again. LM went with me and was antsy. I said to him that I was almost finished and we would go get lunch in just a minute. This set Tattoo girl off on a tangent about …

The tiny Vietnamese restaurant across the street and their fabulous Pho. She informed me that if I was not in the mood for beef I could also get duck …and well … we know how I feel about duck. As if that were not enough I was also told that the proprietress has a thing for cake. “She will bring you the perfect piece of cake that you didn’t even know you wanted.”

Oh yeah … I smell a field trip …


Today I am grateful for: extraordinary levels of patience
Today’s funny moment: The German-born clerk calling her husband a nazi
Training: 5 hours
Water: 4 liters
Corset: 23.75am, 23.5pm


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