The eyes have it

I was in a visual mood tonight. The house quieted. DH off to work and LM in bed, I started thinking about my some-point-in-the-future piercings. My thoughts went where they always do ” more information”.

I don’t know what I thought I would uncover that my absurdly thorough research to this point had not already found. I went looking anyway. Feeling visual I went looking for pictures. I found many. Nothing I saw changed my mind about the act or about the jewelry that previous searchings had found to be the best option.

My travels encountered a bend in the road and I found myself watching VCH piercing videos. Most were not what I expected. There were a few girls who cursed and complained about the level of pain, most however, said “That wasn’t as bad as I thought.” I did discover that every single woman gets the very same expression on her face when something unknown is going on between her legs.

After the piercings I sought something new on the video site we frequent. I found one I had not seen, involving all manner of water tortures mixed with bondage. It ended with a bound girl in a Houdini-esque tank, squirming as it filled up to, and over, her mouth. I don’t mind telling You it freaked me out something fierce. I’m a little concerned that having those images floating around my brain will plant nightmare seeds.

The exit interview, however, is to be commended. The bottom apparently had an issue with the severe hog tie that she had been in during a portion of the filming. They talked with her about it during the interview and then did an out take that showed what had happened and how the crew handled it. I was extremely impressed. They could easily have glossed over it. They took the responsible path instead.

I also spent time with the many pics from Our last play. I needed to see Your face. I shouldn’t have done that. I was already aching for You and seeing us together had/has me all misty eyed.


Today I am grateful for: distractions
Today’s funny moment: “Whoa … that’s a three syllable word!” … “Hey, you started it.”
Training: 5 hours 15 minutes
Water: 4 liters
Corset: 23.25am, 23pm


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