Today I am grateful for: Fun!
Today’s funny moment: “well … your boobs look good …” This said by a female who had been chatting me up at karaoke. My sister swears this girl wanted to take me home. I think she may have been right.
Bonus funny moment: A bridal registry in a hardware store?
Training: 7 hours
Water: 4 liters
Corset: 24.25am, 23.5pm


2 thoughts on “Wheeee

    • LoL!! Thanks for the morning giggle.

      The comment was made as I was standing on stage with a mic in my hand getting ready to sing. I’m so glad I misinterpreted what she said at the time. I thought she said “Your *boots* look good.” Had I known she said “boobs” I doubt singing at all would have been possible and forget doing it well.

      (As I recall, I went with a theme night and did a whole bunch of Carrie Underwood.)

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