Odd and ends

  • I came across one of those check lists we see so often. This individual checked “yes” for sense dep but “no” to hoods. I thought “Eh? How does that work?”
  • I finished a zipper pouch for You. It’s a slightly larger size than You requested. I had to go with the zipper sizes that were available. It came out pretty well.
  • I’m extremely annoyed at the interruption in my training. I want them both back NOW! (Yes, that was whining.)
  • I’m going to let the whole piercing thing go. If You decide they are something You desire, I’m sure You’ll make it known.

Today I am grateful for: You
Today’s funny moment:
Training: none
Water: 4 liters and 3 ounces
Corset: 25″, 25″ (So freaking annoying! [Yep, more whining])


3 thoughts on “Odd and ends

  1. I make lists too…they are weird things I think. I suspect that all they will find at the end of this civilisation is a lot of lists one way or another….and records of things….endless records.

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