Inch by Inch

The leather corset arrived as scheduled today. It is very well made and very tiny. Unfortunately, the modesty panel is about two inches smaller than it normally would be and I need it to be about two inches larger than normal. I can’t get it closed to the end of the panel yet. I’m hoping that will come once it’s seasoned. For now I’ll tuck the panel off to the side. I may end up taking it to my seamstress and having her install a larger one. At this point it’s not suitable for public wear because of the hideous off-kilter gap.

I’ve begun the slow process of breaking it in properly, though what I really want to do is never take it off. It’s just as well since I still have a patch of numbness on my right thigh from Saturday and I really shouldn’t be wearing a corset at all, even for the short periods required for seasoning.

My first lace-in of the new corset was 24 inches and my cycling 30 minutes later was 23 inches. I do believe that once it has been broken in I can achieve Our 22 inch goal in a few weeks time. I sincerely doubt that 18 inches will ever happen … I’m even a bit skeptical about 20. I look at it this way … I never saw myself hitting 22. Que sera sera.

Today I am grateful for: cat therapy
Today’s funny moment: Mind your ankles. He thinks he’s a stud.
Training: none
Water: 4 liters
Corset: 24 and 23


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