It’s not even 8:00pm and I’m falling asleep. The two-ish hours of sleep I was able to manage last night have been fully depleted. Getting DH out the door and LM’s near constant announcements about how long it will be before he is in high school have just plain wore me out.

I’m tempted to induce a Benadryl stupor so I can get a full night’s sleep. I’ll need a full night if I’m to have enough reserves to get through this week. I’m turning my lights out the second LM climbs into bed.

You have been on my mind continuously. My lack of rest has highlighted yours. Wishing you a pleasant slumber …

Today I am grateful for: Permission
Today’s funny moment: Realizing that LM’s voice no longer sounds like a little boy and finding the stealthy passage of time amusing.
Sad moment:n/a
Protocol: My disappointment in the class last night has led me to peruse various online sources. I’m currently working my way through butlersguild.com which features 14 different ways of folding napkins.
Water: 4.5 liters
Corset: 23″ am, 23″ pm
Hood: one hour while attempting to nap


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