In accordance with your instructions I went today and bought my first flags: Gray for bondage and Fuchsia for spanking. When I looked up colors I found it pretty amusing that my favorite color corresponds with one of my favorite activities.

So I’ll be leather flagging, bandana flagging, and tonight I made a leather wrist band for my right wrist. I’ve been wondering how much, if any, will be noticed. If it’s noticed I wonder if any will be understood. If nothing else it’ll give me something to talk about.

Today I am grateful for: creativity
Today’s funny moment: “Mom, I like your bras [sic]. It’s very colorful.” I really must find a more private place to cycle my corset.
Sad moment: Most of my day has had a general malaise
Protocol: I read all about hanky codes and how to fold hankies today. It’s fabric origami. I’m about as talented at it as I would be with paper origami. Tomorrow is another day.
Water: 4 liters
Corset: 23″ am, 22.25″ pm


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