I have come to associate the word with being cut off from You. Being removed from Your service. Being severed from Your life.

You use this, perhaps unknowingly(?), occasionally when we have had tense words and You are releasing me for the moment. It is jarring and painful each time. I know You don’t mean it the way it is received. Each time I have to mentally remind myself that it’s not what You mean. That everything will be alright. That We will be alright. Even with these reminders, it takes a few minutes for me to pull myself back together.

An unrelated note: I know I’m off my training schedule. I will gradually resume all forms this week with an eye toward being fully back on plan by Monday, 9.30.13.

Today I am grateful for: time with You
Today’s funny moment: “Christmas is coming soon.”
Sad moment: Discussing play with others
Protocol: Presentation of any gift, regardless of who is giving it, is representative of the House as a whole and should be attended by all House members.
Water: 4 liters & 8 ounces
Corset: n/a
Hood: n/a


2 thoughts on “Dismissed

  1. Dismissed is a scary sounding word to a girl. I’d have trouble with that one too
    Good for you for taking it as it is meant though

  2. Ohhh thats a harsh phrasing to use. That phrase has such a permanent feeling and meaning in the lifestyle. As phoenix said, good for you for taking it as its meant. I can’t imagine my Master saying that, i really can’t i think that would cut too deep for words. I think it would take me along time and alot of reassurance that it was just a phrase and not a true dismissing or release of my submission to him. Great post, making me think!

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